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>> Friday, February 04, 2011

ordered my first-ever milk tea from Serenitea. got the Wintermelon Milk Tea.

hope it's good.

one of the things i miss the most from Taiwan is the Wintermelon Tea with Grass Jelly that i always ordered at Mirabella, a bubble tea shop across Taipei Main Station.

oh, too late. i finally found a menu of Serenitea online and found out that they have grass jelly but i've already placed my order with my office mate who's ordering for us.

i don't understand why milk tea shops in the Philippines are being marketed as "Japanese". as far as i know, it's a Taiwanese thing.

there are probably a hundred different brand of milk / bubble tea shops in Taiwan as my 6 months of stay there has shown me, but i don't remember seeing even one milk tea store in the different prefectures i've trodden in Japan.

so going back to my question, why the "Japanese" brand proposition? care to share your thoughts on this?

P.S. my milk tea just arrived from the Banawe branch with this label


For Delivery: 5599881

it tastes good alright but still no match for Mirabella =)

sweetness level is okay at 50% sugar. would try it at 25% next time.

and whoever said that milk tea is healthy must be joking. i can feel the calories as i swish the milk tea and pearls in my mouth. but what the hey. i want to try the Pepper Potato and Pepper Tofu next.


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