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>> Friday, October 19, 2012

Were you able to watch this week's episode of Ako Ang Simula (October 17, 2012)?
The topic was about "How to Start Saving? Go Back to Basics -  Gumamit ng Alkansiya" .

According to a survey of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, only 2 out of 10 Filipinos save.

The idea presented was if you find it difficult to start saving,
start with the way we were taught to save when we were kids, gumamit ng Alkansiya! =)

The show featured a tricycle driver who shared how from being a garbage scavenger,
he was able  to send his children to school and also buy his own tricyle.

His secret, every day, naghuhulog siya sa alkansiya ng P10.
Whenever he had extra money, naghuhulog sya ng P15 or P20.
After a year or so, he was able to accumulate P20,000 in his piggy bank.

According to a resource person interviewed on the program, we have to change the way we do things.
Nakaugalian ksi natin na pagkakuha ng sweldo, we spend it first, and then ang matitira, iyun ang mapupunta sa savings.
But the more effective way is, pagkakuha ng sweldo, magtabi kaagad para sa savings. Ang matitira lamang ang puedeng gastusin.

A strategy was also shared by an NGO on how people can develop the habit of saving.
It works something like this.
You start by setting aside a fixed amount of money, let's say P35, everyday in your piggy bank / alkansiya.
Kung kaya mong higit pa sa P35 everyday, mas malaking halaga, mas maganda. Pero dapat ay amount na kaya mong i-commit na ihulog araw-araw, walang palya. Maghulog ka rin ng additional, kung may extra money ka.

Kapag umabot na ito ng minimum balance to open a bank account (around P500 to P3,000 depending on the chosen bank), puede ka nang mag-open ng bank account at i-deposit ang naipon para kumita ng konting interest (around 0.375% to 1% depending on the chosen bank).

Tuloy-tuloy lang ang paghulog sa alkansiya. Everytime umabot sa P500 ang laman ng piggy bank, i-deposit ito sa bank account.

When the fund in your bank account reaches P20,000, you can already open an investment account which can give you earnings of around 10% to 12%. Much higher than what you would earn if you leave your money in the bank. This is the reason Why Saving is No Longer Enough.

Remember, this fund that you are setting aside is for your emergency or future needs.
So hindi ka dapat nag-wi-withdraw dito para sa gastusin na pang-araw-araw.

Excited ka na ba to start saving today using this strategy? I will be more than glad to assist you. =)

Happy Saving and Investing!

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mariko,  11:09 AM  

...and for the employers among us (kahit 1 lang ang empleyado mo), may I suggest teaching your employees to stop the habit of giving their kids P1 (piso-piso)even if they cry or beg for it. Ibibili lang ng repacked chichiria ng mga bata yun. Whereas kung iipunin ng mga magulang ang papiso-piso, mas substantial/nutritious food na ang mabibili. Or madadagdag pa sa ihuhulog sa alkansya, right?

gcc 5:21 PM  

agree. instead na ibili ng chichiria, turuan ang mga bata na maghulog ng piso sa alkansiya araw-araw para ma-develop sa kanila ang habit of saving

thanks for dropping by =)

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