Myths in Personal Finance 1

>> Friday, September 07, 2012

Taken from "5 Myths in Personal Finance" by Efren Ll. Cruz, MoneySense Magazine

MYTH: To save, buy those items that come with free stuff 
If you could buy an item on a buy one take one promo, grab it; or should you? 
Only when you need to buy the item will these buy one, take one deals become a steal.    
As my wife and I were getting off an escalator in a mall, we nearly held up foot traffic when saw a foot stool that was being sold on a buy one, take one promo. But then we realized that we didn’t really have a use for even just one foot stool. 
In some situations, one piece of an alternative brand would still be cheaper even if you divided by two the price of the brand that is on a sale promotion.
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