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>> Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Went to the Quezon City Hall to get my Professional Tax Reciept (PTR).
Upon entering the building, I asked the guard where I can get the PTR and he told me to go to the Miscellaneous office. The officer-in-charge at the PTR window was having lunch when I got there but she still entertained me.

Unfortunately, she said that the Quezon City Hall only issues PTRs for professions regulated by the PRC (Professional Regulatory Board).

So I have to go to other cities' city hall to get my PTR.

Anyone else encountered the same experience?

Which City Hall ba ang pinakamalapit sa Quezon City Hall?

 Went to San Juan City Hall instead and got my PTR for P300 in less than 5 minutes!


clatot 2:13 PM  

Hi! would you know if QC Hall still does not issue PTRs? I am a new insurance agent and i was told that i also have to get a PTR. I reside in QC. Would you also know if they would require TIN to get the PTR? thanks!

gcc 2:55 AM  

Hi clatot, I dont know if QC is issiung PTRs now. You can try asking the other agents in your branch, some of them might have been to QC Hall. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Anonymous,  7:24 PM  

Hi. Can I get ptr from different city hall?

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